Faith Blum Interview

Who doesn’t like a birthday party? Faith certainly does. November 19th was the third birthday of her debut novel, A Mighty Fortress. To celebrate, she has all sorts of fun going on. First, she’s released a newly revised version of A Mighty Fortress. Second, she has most of her published books on sale. Third, she’s … More Faith Blum Interview

Bookish Happenings

Hello, I’m Shot Out of a Cannon. What’s your name? Last week was one of the longest, coolest weeks of my life. (I got to celebrate a family birthday, participate in a Jesse Tree ornament exchange, help with a wedding reception, make new friends, and babysit the world’s sweetest kids.) And somehow during all of … More Bookish Happenings

Thank You, All

I came home from working at the polls with my sister  to find that I had received a very sweet note in the mail. Last month I shipped out a prize from the Five Fall Favorites blog party and didn’t expect to hear anything back. The note, something to the effect that she loved the packaging … More Thank You, All

Fall Writing Contest!

Want a little writing motivation, but don’t have the time for NaNoWriMo? Noble Novels is hosting a fall writing contest! You can find more about rules and theme requirements here. If I can get my act together today, I’m hoping to work on my entry. The only clues I’ll give you are “coffee shop”, and “flooding”. … More Fall Writing Contest!

God in the Everyday

Since I’m a Christian author, I want to include my Savior in my stories. I do have my characters share the Gospel, listen to a short sermon in church, or seek advice; but one of my favorite ways to accomplish this is modeling a relationship with Christ in their everyday lives. When we first watched … More God in the Everyday