Holly Ciampi Interview

img_3679Join me in welcoming my friend and fellow blogger Holly Ciampi to Once Upon an Ordinary! *applause*

Hello all! Glad to be here!

Holly, tell us a bit about yourself.

First and foremost, I am believer in the One True living God! I am an eighteen year old daughter, of two amazing parents and sister to six siblings. My family and I live in the warm and sunny state of Arizona (that state where you can actually bake cookies in your car and burn like a piece of toast!) Like Kate already mentioned, I am a blogger, but also a musician, photographer and artist. I enjoy reciting scripture, sunsets, flowers, smiles, dolphins, singing, reading and of course, writing!

What made you first decide to start Noble Novels? Tell us your vision behind it.

nnbuttonVery good question! At the time I was slowly advancing in my writing and wanted to share my stories with others, specifically for the benefit of constructive feedback. I began searching online for a place to share my writings, but as I looked, most of the sites required that you either be a published author or pay a fee. Some even required that you be a special age! Discouraged, I began thinking. What if I created a place where young, aspiring authors/writers could share their stories with each other and for free? Plus, I wanted some Christian, kid-friendly site, that parents wouldn’t mind their children being on. It was then one Saturday in August 2013, Noble Novels was born! I began working on creating a website (http://noblenovels.weebly.com) that now has over 500 pageviews a week! Over the last few years, Noble Novels has grown to include 16 advanced and beginner authors, who share stories often! Plus, Noble Novels has had many special features added, including inspiration pages, committee stories page, and much more!

How can people join?

It is as easy as filling out two simple forms on the Join Us page! Once the forms are submitted, I will check them out and decide whether to accept you or not. (New authors wishing to join Noble Novels have to go through the process of approval, as a safeguard, to keep Noble Novels a kid-friendly site.) After that, I will set up a special page for you and will add you to the writing schedule! It’s as easy as that! Have any questions? Check out Noble Novels, FAQ page, or contact me through the Contact page.

What is your favorite part about the ordinary life God has blessed you with?

Probably my family, music and chocolate! If it weren’t for my family, my crazy dreams wouldn’t come true and there would be no encouraging support behind my plans! Life without music would be dreadful, gloomy and just plain boring! And without chocolate, there would be no comfort when you have writer’s block! 😛

Any further plans?

Yes, always! Currently, I am working on a special membership for Noble Novels which will (Lord willing) be launched in mid January. It will take Noble Novels to the next level, providing aspiring or published authors help, inspiration, encouragement, community connections, access to special features and much more!

Thank you so much for coming!

Thanks so much for having me!


3 thoughts on “Holly Ciampi Interview

  1. Great interview! I really enjoyed learning more about Noble Novels. Though I’ve looked at it a few times, I’ve never actually had the time to really look it over. This was a great way to learn about the site.
    Thanks for sharing about it, Holly!
    And thanks, Kate, for doing this interview. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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