Book or Movie?

I watched the movie adaptation of The Book Thief earlier this year and fell in love with it. (Because it’s about words!)Β ;D


Then I got to immerse myself in a filtered copy of the book these past two months, and I fell even harder in love with it. *big grin*


If you asked me which one I would recommend, I might stare at you with my mouth hanging open and gibber. My brain would steam. And then I would whimper and say, “Both?”

Reasons why the book is better:

  1. Longer all around. More happiness, more sorrow, more Himmel Street, more Max, more depth.
  2. Reeeaaaallly good quotes.
  3. Backstory (because it’s longer).
  4. Max’s books.


Reasons why the movie is better:

  1. You actually get to “see” the characters. (And they did a superb job of casting!)
  2. It’s easier to edit especially if you watch it on a filter here.
  3. Reeeaaaallly good quotes. They differ from the book, but I wouldn’t trade either. πŸ˜‰
  4. The story stays on Himmel Street, so it’s less violent but still a movie for highschool age viewers.


Like I said before, it’s too hard to decide. I love them both. πŸ˜‰

Do you usually prefer original books or their movie adaptations?


9 thoughts on “Book or Movie?

  1. I love both. I can usually take books and movies separately without trying, so I enjoy both for different, good reasons, just like what you wrote about The Book Thief.

    Unless the movie makes an utterly confusing change, like the horse Piebald in the Elizabeth Taylor version of National Velvet being played by a completely brown horse. (Piebald, guys. He’s named PIEBALD, for goodness’ sake.)

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