Brown Paper Packages

Remember the grand prize we had for the Five Fall Favorite blog party? The bright idea jar was my contribution, and it sat on my desk for a few weeks patiently waiting to be won.


Gorgeous, isn’t it?

This week I got to ship it to its lucky new owner. I knew right away that I wanted to package it adorably, but being very un-creative in that area I turned to Pinterest for help.

Every single last tutorial either didn’t have step-by-step pictures (a must), or was just an advertisement for a fancy gadget. (And a surprising number were in a foreign language.)  I finally found this cute little box, which still wasn’t the best tutorial but I could make it work.

Sure it was in centimeters. Sure it took a special hole punch, and I would need to supplement with something else.

I started making it before I realized that it was several sizes too small. (I honestly couldn’t picture how big it would be just from the measurements.) So I started over and scaled it up, this time mocking it up with scrap paper so I could be sure it would work this time.

It was really fun to pick out the colors, and I enjoyed brainstorming style with my mom and my older sister. After some time of cutting and gluing and experimenting (and talking to my sister who was also scrapbooking), here’s what I got.


I really love how it turned out, and apparently my youngest sister did too because she finished my small box to look exactly like this one. 😉 ❤

I filled the box with some excelsior to pad the jar itself and tied it shut with a piece of twine. Then into a shipping box it went with paper to keep it from knocking around.

Now, this shipping box would not have been my first choice, but it was the best I could find in the garage. No matter–I just wrapped it in brown paper (too bad no string!) and wrote the address and a nice message on it.

Then the post office. Dear Mom drove all the way there, and it was Columbus Day. (Hey, at least she didn’t cross the Atlantic!) 😛

Finally, after a few days of preparation and a federal holiday, we got it shipped out; and it’s on its way to an inspiree. 😉

I really want to make another one now. 😉


9 thoughts on “Brown Paper Packages

  1. The idea jar looks really fun! But I thought, since an international person won the grand prize, that the U.S. prize wasn’t given away? Now I’m confused…. :/ 😀


    Liked by 1 person

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