NaNoWri…No, Not This Year


I’m convinced that NaNoWriMo is one of the best ideas ever. Coordinating thousands of insane authors to write their brains out for the whole month together? Yeah, pretty awesome. 😉

I’ve been wanting to do this for forever; and several of my friends and most of siblings have asked me to join them this year. (We have two in NaNoWriMo proper and three in the young writer’s version where you set your own goals.)

Oh, the pressure. Not only that, but I do have a shiny new idea. (It’s not entirely new, but revamped so to speak. 😉 I really love it.) I could have my first full length novel!

After thinking through it quite a bit, asking friends how much time it took them a day, and analyzing my possible to-do list,  I decided that I won’t be doing it this year.

I’m pretty excited about what I’ll be doing instead, though!

  1. I’ll be support for five younger siblings who are planning to do some form of NaNoWriMo. 😉 Brainstorming backup, typing assistant, etc. 😉 (My youngest sister just announced her “novel” today. I asked her if she had Mom check it for typos before it was shared on the website. She didn’t think it needed it and looking over her shoulder I discovered that she had spelled everything correctly. 😉 It’s currently titled “The Candy Shop Kids”. <3)
  2. Looking through my projects page, I discovered I have 99k words to possibly edit or rewrite. I’m really good about writing a first draft or two, but editing is not my forte. 😉 I’ve decided I need to finish something first before starting into a 50k word project. And “Kiera” and “Legend” should give me a nice break from commas and word cutting if I want to do some creative writing. 😉 I plan to hang out with my in-house novelers which will help me hit my own personal goals.
  3. Oh, yes! I’ll be blogging. 😉 My brother printed out some calendar pages for me and I had a ton of fun decorating them and brainstorming blog posts for all those empty squares. 😉

So, happy NaNoWriMo-brainstorming-month to everyone who’s doing it! I look forward to reading what you write. 😉


6 thoughts on “NaNoWri…No, Not This Year

  1. Wow! How many siblings do you have? Aww, your little sister’s story sounds cute! You mentioned a website, is there some place we can find her story?

    OH MY WORD! From the Pinterest board, that story looks AMAZING!!!! ❤ I want know more! 😉

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    1. We are eight total. 😉 She announced a synopsis on her profile there. I just might share it when it’s finished… ❤

      Oh, wow! Thank you! It's a really fun idea, quite the "baby" of mine. The working title right now is "Awake"; but there will be three parts in it "Rise", "Guard", and "Awake". It's medieval, but not quite. I hope to have time to write it sometime. 😉

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  2. I think that is probably a wise decision. 🙂 I mean, you can only edit so many words without going crazy! So, I guess you and I will stick with support for NaNo. (Though I don’t personally know anyone doing it. I really don’t have any other writers that I know in this area.) We’ll work on the “finishing” stages instead of the creating stages. 😉

    “The Candy Shop Kids” sounds like such a cute story! 😀

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