Dear Random Stranger

Dear Random Stranger,

You walked up to the Redbox near the gas station discouraged and a little bit grumpy. For lack of anything else to do, our vanload noticed and talked among ourselves about how much better online movie rentals were.

You scrolled through on the screen until you finally found the movie you were looking for just as we pulled away to leave the parking lot. Triumphant joy flashed across your face for just a second, and in you I saw a little boy.

A little boy I had played with the weekend before in fact. He was wearing bib overalls while you were wearing a hoodie, but the same face was there. Same excitement. Same enthusiasm.

Thank you for reminding me that if I keep my eyes open, I will see beauty and joy in this world. And thank you for reminding me of that little boy (and the others playing with us). I was truly very blessed by them.

I hope you enjoy your movie!


An overly observant author


This is a picture I drew of those two little boys today.

Don’t you just love their bib overalls?


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