Exciting Things

Right now I’m super excited about four things–mainly.


Number one: the second Green Ember book released yesterday!!! Hooray for more rabbits with swords. 😉 I can’t wait to read it especially because of that horribly intriguing title.


Two, that blog party is coming together! Save the date everyone. 😉 Lots of great book recommendations, giveaways, etc. coming soon. I just finished making my contribution to the grand prize, and I’ll post pictures here soon. Several of the participating bloggers have already drafted their posts, and the emails have been flying between us to get the last minute details straightened out. 😉

I asked my Goodreads people which Dickens books were their favorites, then looked them up, and finally decided on Nicholas Nickleby. We picked it up at the library today directly after my lovely dentist appointment, and I snagged Pickwick Papers and Fairest to try out as well. 😉 You can see more about them and my other library finds on my virtual shelf “Library Hopefuls”. When my stack starts getting dangerously low again I need to pick up some Sherlock Holmes and Anne Shirley. 😉 That’s the third thing.

And fourthly, I’m getting reading glasses! This may not sound super exciting to you; but in my field/job/hobby they just might be pretty important. 😉 We’re picking them up tomorrow.

What are you excited about?


10 thoughts on “Exciting Things

  1. Yay! That’s fantastic! All of those things seem exciting indeed, but the glasses actually sound most wonderful. I got glasses (not reading, regular), a year and a half ago, and my life has improved immensely since then. When eyes need help, then life can sometimes be a bit stressful. I hope your glasses work great for you!

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