Book Series Review: The Princess in Black

The other day in the library (every post should start this way), I couldn’t find the books I was looking for. They must have been pretty popular since there wasn’t even one copy there to represent the series.

I found these books by Shannon and Dean Hale instead. There’s always a silver lining. 😉 Here’s what I thought.

20708771 Book one:

This book doesn’t fit my usual tastes, but it ended up being hilarious! The “monsters” are kept light and cartoony; and the princess is a nice, girly super-hero with moves like “twinkle, twinkle, little smash”. My younger sisters are now enjoying them. 😉




Book two, my personal favorite…

This was probably my favorite of this unusual series; just because of the girly birthday party, Princess Sneezewort, and SPOILER ALERT! the adorable pink “monster” that gives her a birthday gift.


And book three

Those ravenous bunnies won’t quit multiplying and eating up the whole goat field! It gets pretty dicey there for a minute when the bunnies think the princess is food because she can’t talk back to them; but fortunately SPOILER ALERT! her horse can speak the language of cuteness and the day is saved! I especially enjoyed the return of Princess Sneezewort. 😉


So there you are! An unexpectedly delightful series my younger sisters and I all enjoyed. 😉 We were also excited to discover there is a fourth book being released in November.


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