Book Review: The Doll with the Yellow Star

7143772“Nine-year-old Claudine doesn’t want to leave her much-loved home in France to go live in America, not without her parents. But she knows about the shortages, about the yellow stars Jews must wear, and about Adolf Hitler. And she knows that there are some things she needs to do even when she doesn’t want to. It’s wartime, and there is much that is different now. There are more things that Claudine will lose to this terrible war. But not everything that is lost must be lost forever. Here is a moving story about lost and found lives, and the healing power of love.” (from Goodreads)

Oh, wow!!! This story by Yona Zeldis McDonough made me cry so hard!! It’s technically written for children, but the story and writing are so good that I claim it. I loved the child’s perspective on immigrating to America during the early days of World War II, her fear of wearing a yellow star, and her heartbreak over having her family torn apart. There were also some sweet instances of every day life, and the doll theme was pretty cute. It is such a beautiful mix of sorrow and hope!

Best quote: Claudine thinks of the coals. They didn’t look dangerous at all; in fact, they looked quite ordinary, even a bit dull. But then there were other things that seemed dull or ordinary and turned out to be dangerous. Words in the newspaper. Or a scrap of yellow cloth, cut into the shape of a star.

Altogether, I thought this was a masterful, sweet story perfect for readers of all ages.


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