Adorable Excuses

I can sum up my day in two memes.


Slightly brain dead and not progressing much on my projects (although I did tackle emails)…


…and full of fantastic ideas I can’t wait to put into motion. 😉

My nephews are over to eat hot dogs and be tickled; so I have some adorable excuses to procrastinate ❤ , and I’m loving the break. 😉

How has your day been?


6 thoughts on “Adorable Excuses

  1. My day today has been quite productive! The sun was a motivator in the morning, and I got some good studying done on the Soviet Union (hooray for DSSTs), as well as random other important things, including emails and chores that didn’t happen on Sunday (yes I’d procrastinated) because we had friends over unexpectedly for the rest of the day after church (I’m not complaining, of course). 🙂

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  2. I was doing pretty well at getting things done until it was time to write. Then . . . my feet were dragging, and every part of me seemed protest at the very idea of writing anything! Distractions came at my beck & call . . . sweeping the floor, chatting with Mom, brushing my teeth, getting on Goodreads . . . Yep, I did it all. But then I decided I HAD to get one thousand words written! (I ended up with 1,300+ instead. 🙂 )

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    1. That’s awesome that you made yourself do it! I was pretty tired so I could barely put two thoughts together when I tried. Half of one of the pages I got written was completely scribbled out. 😉


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