The Artist Colony

I am surrounded by so many amazing people. People to laugh, cry, study, brainstorm, and ordinary with. People that tell me not to end that last sentence with a preposition. People who send me excessively cheerful emails or “spam” me on Facebook.

They are so fantastic; I really think you should meet some of them.

Dad is my go-to for theological questions and advice. We’ve discussed everything from Anakim to the limited/unlimited atonement, Schrodinger’s cat to Revelation. He is very supportive of my writing, making time to read it when he can and letting me prattle on about my stories. The other day we were out shopping together, and I told him the whole plot (such as it is) for “Legend”. He enjoyed hearing it and even had some ideas to strengthen the story. 😉 He’s also responsible for my love of Chesterton’s and Lewis’s works.


Mom should really get a Nobel Peace Prize or an Oscar or a BAFTA or something. She runs this “publishing house” editing at all hours (sometimes two projects at a time); listening to brainstorming; giving advice on marketing (she’s brilliant in that area); and teaching us reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic so all of this is possible. (She’s also moral support when we are awake into the wee hours having comma trauma and our in-house teenage counselor.)


Aimee is the sister who gives me crazy nicknames, good advice, and weird Pinterest memes. If I’m Marcy, she’s my Peppermint Patty. If I’m Diana, she’s my Anne. That really sums it up, don’t you think? 😉 She’s also my Bible study buddy when our schedules align. Here’s to being sisters forever!


When the world is ending, the computer is hiccuping, or you are stuck in a plot wormhole–call in superbrother Tarmac! (That’s not his real name, but he’s adopted it as his code one since his favorite WIP character uses it.) He’s our computer whisperer (comes in handy in this field); my Douglas Adams and Peter Hollens buddy; and my brain twin. 😉 Oh, and he has to be my butler for life because I can’t make apple pie crust as well as he can.


And then there’s the Book Thief. Or, rather, my Book Thief buddy. I’m reading an edited copy aloud to her whenever we get the chance; and, believe me,  we are geeking out about Max Vandenberg’s character and the author’s descriptive skill. She’s the one who always tells me how good (or how utterly horrible ;P ) my story is, and I get to tell her what I think of hers in return. Mwahaha. We speak fluent book/movie quotes and get into a lot of mischief together. 😉

After that is Penny Primrose as she’s been calling herself in the hilarious, satirical “articles” she’s been writing. Seriously! She hasn’t read any Chesterton or Adams yet, but her sense of humor is so developed! I give her specks of writing advice,  and we brainstorm together once in a while.


And then there’s the “little sisters” who are growing way too fast and should really be called medium ones now. Em and Buddy come to me for recommendations from our vast bookshelves, are my read-aloud buddies, and “beta-read” every single last story of mine they can get their hands on. (They’re always very disappointed when I write something for older readers.) 😉 I can’t wait until they are writing their own stories! 😉 We hope to read Winnie-the-Pooh together soon.


My extended superfamily consists of my oldest sister Perry Elisabeth and her husband (who are the world’s coolest graphic designers–they made my book cover) along with their three minions. We love visiting them, and it’s always great for inspiration to hang out with the little guys. 😉 ❤


And then there’s my crazy blogging/pen-pal/email friends. The ones that get me into a commenting war (you know who you are), plan a blog party with me, wait two months for a handwritten letter, or just pop up in my inbox grinning good morning. Not to mention the awesome folks at Rabbit Room who will discuss whether or not there should be violence in Christian fiction and their artistic woes for hours.



And then there’s the Love that will not ever let me go… I pray you have met Him. He inspires me everyday through His people and His word.


Who has blessed you…inspired you…made you grateful?


7 thoughts on “The Artist Colony

  1. Best post ever! You’re super lucky! My mom doesn’t mind hearing me rant about novels and stuff occasionally, but … yeah, the only book my dad’s ever read is Where the Red Fern Grows. 😉 Not seriously, of course, but we always tease him about it because he periodically tells us what a great book that is. XD

    Anyway, now I want to do a post like this …

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  2. Very fun post, Kate! I loved getting to “meet” your family a little more. 🙂
    I don’t know how people write without a group of friends and family to help, encourage, distract, and critique. We are blessed!

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