Quick Announcement

We interrupt this recommendation bonanza to bring you an announcement about prizes. See that amazing Grand Prize? Since we’ve had 81 entries in the giveaway at Read Another Page, we’re adding a second place prize of 3 ebooks and a $5 Amazon giftcard! And if we can make it to 100 entries, we’ll be adding … More Quick Announcement

Top 5 Fantasy Finds

I read “fantasy” as one of my absolute favorite genres probably because it is so close to medieval; but it’s often hard to find anything in it because it usually includes quite a bit of magic. (Read my thoughts on the issue here.) It’s very special for me to be able to recommend five non-magical (or at … More Top 5 Fantasy Finds

Top 5 Favorite Historical Fiction Books

Historical fiction is one of my absolute favorite genres, especially for read-alouds. I connect with the people in history, not the random dates or dry measurements; so it’s always been my favorite way of learning about a specific time period. Calico Bush by Rachel Field This is such a well-written story set during the little-known time … More Top 5 Favorite Historical Fiction Books