Library Hopefuls

Apparently I don’t have enough books pining away for me to read them. I have finished four books in the past four days, but that’s never enough.

No. I had to go to the library.

It was one of those “short trips” Mom declares. Just long enough for her to grab a stack of movies to help us survive this illness.

Fifteen minutes later, my two younger sisters and I were walking around with our arms full of books. FULL! So full we even dropped some, but fortunately that was the children’s section so we weren’t the loudest people around. 😛

Mom was still sorting through movies when we found her, so we got to browse a little more. (This is one of the only times I love you, Hollywood; when you make movies so bad Mom can’t find a good one for a while and we can stay longer.) You guessed it. We found a few more books to take home.

Going to the library is always a gamble. I didn’t come home with any of the books I was looking for, but I have a nice stack of eight “library hopefuls”. (Here’s to hoping some will be okay to pass on to my younger siblings. I’m usually their pre-reader.) 😉

Wanna see what I got? Enjoy my “Library Hopefuls” shelf on Goodreads. I’ll be reporting back on them in a few. 😉


6 thoughts on “Library Hopefuls

  1. Sounds awesome, Katie! Thanks for pre-reading for us. 🙂 I DIED over Daddy-Long-Legs!!! ❤ You were totally right! And don't forget you still need to read Honor Girl. 😉 You'll love it.

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