How to Hide a Spoiler in Goodreads, Sweetie

Spoilers. Can’t read with ’em; can’t review without ’em.

It always makes me sad when I see that message on Goodreads, “This review has been hidden because of spoilers”. I always avoid those reviews because they are advertising being spoiler minefields.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good spoiler. They’re absolutely tantalizing. I just want warning when I’m going to read one. I want to decide to spoil it for myself. 😉

My recent review of The Silent Blade by Jesseca Wheaton was full of spoilers. They were key to my opinion of the book, and it’s always fun to ramp up the excitement for possible readers right?

With a little bit of HTML gobbledy-gook, you can hide spoilers too and become an expert on them. Like Riversong. 😛


Take your spoiler, (I’ll use “everyone died” as my example) and format it like this:

<spoiler>everyone died</spoiler>

Just be sure to get the end code right, because otherwise it will hide the whole rest of your review and that’s not always fun.

So there you have it! Ta, da! I love it, and I’m totally addicted. 😉

Please note that I did not come up with this piece of brilliance myself. A helpful Google search revealed this article.


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