Scraps of Paper

I cleaned off my desk today. It’s still not clean; but since it won’t ever be, I’m happy to have everything in nice tidy stacks. 😉


There’s the my-friend-loaned-me-this-book-months-ago-and-this-letter-is-overdue stack. (Quite depressing. I try not to look at it.)

Then comes the makeup my mom bought for me, and I’m supposed to try soon. It’s not writing related in the least, but when something is waiting for a place to go–it lands on my desk. (Besides, my MC Kiera keeps her makeup on her desk and she is totally awesome, so why shouldn’t I?)

After that is everything on the back of my desk. My desk is built in two levels like New York City or an upright piano. Everything decorative–pretty books, my homemade dolls, my nerd mug, the lamp I never turn on, my jewelry box, my crunchy autumn leaves from last year, my cinnamon candle, and my Peter Pan sword letter opener. (“Say you’re a codfish!”) Yeah, I have Mr. Fredrickson’s fireplace mantle  or Slartibartfast’s desk  going.

But it gets worse. Or better, depending on your perspective. There’s the stack of my brain. On paper. As you can imagine it’s busy and messy.


That’s the letter I’m writing, two letters I’ve received, my Bookman’s shopping list (because I didn’t buy enough last time :P), two pages of ideas and reminders for blog posts I need to write, notes for a series of blog posts on romance, a random post-it note of all the funny things I need to remember, Perry’s business card, etc. Somewhere underneath that are two notebooks representing story notes, writing prompts I’m brainstorming for a project, and my WIP “Legend”. What’s with the pumpkin paper? I’m still planning to make cards with my little sister. (And it should be in every picture until Christmas!)

If I were a person who knew what haikus are beyond how to spell the word and how weird they are, I’d write one about my life being “chasing scraps of paper swirling on the breeze, following thought after thought”. (On second thought, that probably makes to much sense to be a haiku.)

Someday, I’ll share pretty pictures of my desk with the adorable artwork above it that my mom just helped me hang. (She’s the queen of un-crooked.) 😉

Someday. Maybe when my brain is less busy.


6 thoughts on “Scraps of Paper

  1. The quote is awesome! Something to think about … 😉

    I don’t have a desk! *gasp* So this isn’t a problem. But I have other areas cluttered with writing stuff (assigned areas … I’m a bit of a clutter-removing-freak 😉 ).

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  2. Ah, I can sympathize too well. I’m getting better. Really I am. It use to not only be my desk, but my sister’s, and the top of my cedar chest and the top of her ceder chest, not to mention her bed during the day . . . *stares at the ceiling while whistling a tuneless melody* Now it’s “usually” just my computer desk.

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