Inventing Words

Today I’ve been working on my story some more and following in the footsteps of William Shakespeare (except for the immoral characters and mix-ups) by inventing my own words.

So far I’ve irritated spell check with two words–lunchers and snungry. Snungry, you say? Here’s a handy definition.



  1. a state of hunger only satisfied by a snack such as ice cream.

synonyms: hungry, snacky, munchy

Shakespeare’s words have definitely become more well-known than my goofy one will ever be. Enjoy this list of some of his best words and phrases. 😉 I found some of them quite surprising!


9 thoughts on “Inventing Words

  1. I tend to stick with “real” names, but many of my characters enjoy using nick-names. Spell check tells me “Ginakins” isn’t a word! I know it is because I’ve heard Gina called that several times! 😉

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