Book Review: You’ll Be Like Faye

25734723“In her second novel, J.C. Buchanan leaves the fairy kingdom behind and introduces her readers to Faye Corcoran, a regular 12-year-old girl in a typical suburban family. But is it a typical suburban family? And when Faye’s best friend convinces her there’s something suspicious about the new housekeeper, how far will Faye go for answers?” (from Amazon)

The writing style was exceptional; and, although I was figuring out the mystery pretty early on, there were still some shivers-up-and-down-my-spine surprises. My favorite character was definitely Ellie (she and Stella were so funny together!), and the part where she was hungry had me giggling inwardly. 😉 I liked Faye a lot, but I hated how much her life had to change by the end. Super sad. *sticks out lip* Not recommended for younger readers because of some bickering children, intense and slightly graphic descriptions SPOILER! of a car accident where two people die, and SPOILER! evil parents who actually turn out to be kidnappers.

Best quote: “Ellie, why don’t you go get my big cookbook from the cabinet, and then you and Faye can start destroying my kitchen.”

Keyword: Altogether, I found this to be a great read perfect for anyone who enjoys a dramatic mystery.

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