Hope Ann Interview

Join me in welcoming Hope Ann, author of the fantasy Song of the Sword! *cheers* 

IMG_0420AHope, tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, I’m a Christian writer with eight younger siblings. I live on a small farm in Indiana and, now that I’ve graduated, I help Mom homeschool some of the younger ones…including teaching them creative writing. *grins and rubs hands* My random assortment of abilities include butchering chickens, climbing trees, reading, roller blading, painting (kind of), and collecting shiny fantasy objects and daggers.

What first made you decide you wanted to be an author?

I’ve always enjoyed writing. There was never a point I decided I was going to be a writer…it was more that I was a writer and then I realized it. But I’ve three main reasons for loving and sticking to it. Firstly, I have so many stories in my head that I simply must write them. Secondly, writing is something I can do from home whenever I get married. I can supplement the family income without going out to get a job. Lastly, but not leastly, writing is a way I can change the world and leave a…a legacy, for lack of a better word. Something which can last and change peoples lives for years to come.

Most of us are new to Aslaria and the Legends of Light series. May we have an introduction?

The long introduction or the longer one? *smirks* I will try to not ramble. The Legends of Light series is a set of nine novellas, each one focusing on an aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit and retelling a fairy tale. Each story is separate from all the others, though the history of Aslaria does run chronologically in the background (more or less) of each novella. I’m currently working on the third novella, a retelling of Hansel and Gretel.

As for Aslaria itself…it is still under construction and is developing piece by piece with each novella I write. But it is full of all kinds of fantastical creations, like dragons and griffins and other creatures I hope to introduce in future stories. I want to travel to some of Aslaria’s cities in future stories as well, and explore some of the different abilities various families have…

What is your favorite part about the ordinary life God has blessed you with?

That’s hard because there’s so much I love. But I’d probably say nature. Not that I’m outside all the time, but I love the beauty of the world around us. Mist hovering over fields on cool mornings. Wind rushing through the trees. Waves crashing on a beach. Light through the leaves. Storms. Rain. Stars. Clouds. Flowers. There is beauty everywhere if you just look close enough.

Any plans for further projects?

Oh boy, yes. I’ve so much I want to write. There’s the next seven novellas in Legends of Light, along with a rewrite of one. I’m working on a full-length novel right now which I want to have finished by late fall. Then I’ve two other fantasy novels, a futuristic trilogy, a seven book fantasy series…the list could go on and on. I’ve enough writing to fill up the next twenty years, and by that time I’ll probably have enough ideas for longer than I’ll ever be able to write.

Thank you so much for coming, Hope! It was great to hear from you. 😉


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