New Short Story!

What do you get if you mix together… a vintage diner complete with icecream and poodle skirts… …a mysterious map drawn on the back of a menu… …and a reminder of God’s love? My newest short story! The bedroom light flicked on, and I blinked awake. No storybook sunlight drifted in through the windows, just … More New Short Story!

While It Lasts…

I have something very important to tell you. *drops voice to a whisper* There are only 2 1/2 days left of Read-to-Win. Better slide into home plate and post those reviews! And even if you won’t make it in time to enter the giveaway (though my book is remarkably short); it’s still worth it to get … More While It Lasts…

Library Hopefuls

Apparently I don’t have enough books pining away for me to read them. I have finished four books in the past four days, but that’s never enough. No. I had to go to the library. It was one of those “short trips” Mom declares. Just long enough for her to grab a stack of movies to help us survive this … More Library Hopefuls

How to Hide a Spoiler in Goodreads, Sweetie

Spoilers. Can’t read with ’em; can’t review without ’em. It always makes me sad when I see that message on Goodreads, “This review has been hidden because of spoilers”. I always avoid those reviews because they are advertising being spoiler minefields. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good spoiler. They’re absolutely tantalizing. I just want warning when … More How to Hide a Spoiler in Goodreads, Sweetie

Scraps of Paper

I cleaned off my desk today. It’s still not clean; but since it won’t ever be, I’m happy to have everything in nice tidy stacks. 😉 There’s the my-friend-loaned-me-this-book-months-ago-and-this-letter-is-overdue stack. (Quite depressing. I try not to look at it.) Then comes the makeup my mom bought for me, and I’m supposed to try soon. It’s not … More Scraps of Paper

Positively Negative

The other day on Goodreads, I thanked a reviewer for including an honest content advisory in her review. She replied by saying that I was welcome but she had a hard time writing negative reviews. Can giving content advisories and writing positive reviews go together? For the past few years, I’ve included a lengthy content … More Positively Negative

Virtual Avalanche

You know you’ve been spending too much time on Goodreads… Fortunately mine’s just a digital shelf so I don’t have to worry about an avalanche. 😉 What are you looking forward to reading next?