Opening a Doorbell (And Other Hilarious Mistakes)

The other day Kellyn Roth and I were discussing our most hilarious author/blogger mistakes. I’ve been keeping note of mine just for grins, and I thought you might enjoy what I have so far…

  • I was editing the first part of “Kiera” the other day and I ran across this sentence: “The doorbell finally rang. She hurried to open it.” Have you ever opened a doorbell? I sure haven’t though maybe a doorbell repairman might have to take one apart sometime…
  • I love adding my made-up names to the dictionary so my word processor won’t keep bothering me with their red pencil, but the other day I accidentally added a real live misspelling. (This makes auto correct even less reliable now!) 😉


  • Since I’ve started this blog, it’s been my goal to post every day five days a week. I couldn’t figure out why my posts were ending up on the wrong days (a couple culprits were even on the same day! Aargh) until I thought of checking my time zone. My posting times were seven hours later than I had hoped for which put me somewhere in Africa! Talk about hilarious.


  • I sign off all my emails with “Every day is a gift” a line from my story “Mara”. Mara is a paraplegic with a surprising zest for life and gratefulness for every day the Lord has given her. I use this phrase to remind myself of the truth behind it and the story I’ve written, but the other day it had a very unintended effect. I received an email from a very sweet author I’ve been working with and among other things she asked if I was terminally ill. Oops. 😉

What are some hilarious mistakes you’ve made?


7 thoughts on “Opening a Doorbell (And Other Hilarious Mistakes)

    1. Thank you! That’s my favorite too. 😉 Thanks for sending me your post. I’ll have to go giggle over it. Aw, I’m glad you like Kiera; I’m sure you’ll love her even more when you “meet” here. 😉

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  1. That’s hilarious, about every day being a gift. 😀 My favorite typo was on a writing website where I meant to write that the MC had to fight an enemy wielding an ancient spear. Instead I wrote ancient pear. 😛

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  2. I should have written some of my crazy typos down. Alas I didn’t. But there were some that had me in tears of laughter! Ah, the doorbell. Perhaps some little mouse lives in there since the large grandfather clocks aren’t as popular. 😉
    But, one typo I left in and decided to include it in “Finding Joy.” 😉

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