“Lost” in the Bookstore

I dream about bookstores. The shelves stretch from floor to ceiling and are literally crammed with books. Aisle after aisle after aisle.

Last weekend, when my mom, my partners [sisters] in the used book business, and I took our extra stock to Bookman’s, we quickly dropped our books off at the sorting counter and went to explore.

We entered the bookstore version of the beast’s castle–a maze of pages and brightly colored covers. The bookshelves weren’t floor to ceiling like I would have preferred, but I quickly forgave them. 😉 So much to see.

My shopping list consisted of, “Swing by children’s. Look for Pioneer Woman cookbooks. Find Douglas Adams.”

Three hours, several random sections, and much deciding later… here’s what I had in my blue basket.


  • Douglas Adams! I found him at last. Sci-fi was in some random wing of the maze, and we wouldn’t have found his books without the help of an employee and a step stool. (She claimed she used to get lost the first month she worked there. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?) Now the second book of five in the Hitchhiker’s Trilogy is waiting patiently for Mom’s white-out censor (at my request–she’s so sweet to me!) and my eager eyes. Be warned that there will be more Adams quotes on here in the future. Very sorry, but “Resistance is useless!” 😛
  • A biography of C.S. Lewis. This was not on my “official” shopping list, but a nice surprise anyway. We really like this series, and I’ve always wanted to know more about him so into my basket it went.
  • Little Town on the Prairie. I’m collecting the Little House series and only needed this book to make it complete. It was a treat to find a nice copy of this in the children’s section. 😉
  • Hooray for the Pioneer Woman! I found her second cookbook and knew it had to come home with me. Even if I never make half the recipes in her cookbooks, they make excellent drool-worthy coffee table books.
  • This last book–a collection of Madeline stories–we bought together for our youngest sisters. They’ve been watching some of the animated shorts about her, and we were excited to find stories they hadn’t yet heard. I’ve been reading it aloud, but yesterday while I was busy getting ready for church my littlest sister read one to me in her best French accent. 😉

Today I’m grateful for blue shopping baskets and a resilient mom who wanted to shop just as long as we did. For a daddy who let us take an excessively long time shopping. For our brother who helped load the minivan with books. For Douglas Adams and Ree Drummond. For C.S. Lewis. For French accents and Madeline. For a completed series. And for getting “lost” in the bookstore.


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