Studio C: Author Style

My family and I love watching Studio C comedy sketches together, but the story-related ones are some of my favorites. Here are a few that make my author heart laugh.

Did you know that stories are so simple you can order plots, characters, and props from Teddy’s Story Joint? Just be sure no other authors are listening in because the plagiarism can get embarrassing.

The antics of fairytale royals can lead to some pretty disgruntled commoners! Who in his right mind would burn spinning wheels, lock his wife up forcing her to spin gold, or make a former frog the crown prince?

Everyone’s a critic and the brothers Grimm have to answer for their newest invention: the phrase “Once upon a time…” What exactly does that mean and will it ever take off?

Closely akin to authors who kill characters off at random is the narrator hater. Who knew so many horrible things could happen to a protagonist at the hands of a guy with a lyre!

Which sketch was your favorite? What is the most formulaic book you’ve ever read? Do you like killing characters?


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