Favorite Books from Read-to-Win 2016


Do you see all the book covers crammed onto that graphic? For the remaining six weeks of summer, they are on sale for 99 cents each as part of Homeschooled Authors’ Read-to-Win event! Buy one of these books and review it on Goodreads this summer to get entered it the giveaway for an Amazon giftcard! The more you review, the more entries you get. 😉 (Read this article by Chautona Havig to discover no-brainer reviewing.)

Because my book is featured in this year’s event (see that pretty graphic way down on the sidebar?), I’m not able to enter in the giveaway; but the 99 cent books are still available to me! 😉

Let me introduce you to some of my favorites…

  1. Red Rain by Aubrey Hansen. As can be seen from my extremely enthusiastic review a few years ago, this was a great introduction to the sci-fi genre and still holds a special place in my bookshelf heart. (My 14-year-old sister just finished it and raved about it.) 🙂
  2. Gift from the Storm by Rebekah Morris. I read this book early last year and loved it to pieces. Read my review to find out why I read it to my younger sister immediately after reading it to myself and then loaned it to all my friends.
  3. Water Princess, Fire Prince by Kendra Ardnek. In my review, I called it a “book nerd’s dream” with excellent world-building, good characterization, and TONS of literary references. A great find this summer!
  4. Implant by J. Grace Pennington. This dystopian book was quite the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey surprise. Read my review to find out some of the reasons why. 😉
  5. The Treasure Hunt by yours truly. *blushes and remembers the scripture about letting another man’s mouth praise you* I’m really excited to have my book featured in this year’s event because now I can share it with you all for a much lower price.

I’m also looking forward to trying out Kate’s Innocence by Sarah Holman, and maybe a few others. 🙂

Be gone with thee now! Thou must get to thy reading. (You also might enjoy jumping into the weekly Read-to-Win blog posts. This week we authors are explaining how our faith affects what we read.)


2 thoughts on “Favorite Books from Read-to-Win 2016

  1. I really liked “Kate’s Innocence” and I think you will too. 🙂 And your book was so much fun to read. I wanted to become one of your characters and join the hunt.

    Oh, check out my home page for my latest website update.


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