The Old River Road

People on Goodreads have been killing me–specifically all the beta readers leaving reviews for The Old River Road by Ivy Rose. I am so thrilled that this book finally released today! There’s a great blog tour celebrating it complete with a giveaway…


I am so excited to try this book! It sounds like my cup of chai tea; and, after reading this author’s blog post about writing romance, I’m curious to see how she handles it!

Are you excited about any upcoming books?


6 thoughts on “The Old River Road

  1. I just finished reading this today! Actually, I just started it today, so … that gives you an idea about what it’s like. 🙂 I did find that the writing could have used a bit of polishing here and there and the plot kind of needed more of a … I don’t know, drive? Also, I don’t really get the title. Or the cover. Other than that, amazing story! (I know that sounds like a lot of problems, but it was really a great book!)


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