Book Review: Rustlers

61yyfvc8nyl-_sx322_bo1204203200_“The ranches around Rough Rock have been hit by cattle rustlers, and Norman and the sheriff both suspect that someone local is involved. After the Triple Creek Ranch hands discover unknown riders on their range, Norman is determined to put a stop to the whole thing. Join the Mavrich family as they hunt down rustlers, celebrate new life, and experience the joys and challenges of living a Christian life.” (from Amazon)

I was very excited when I heard this book by Rebekah Morris was out. Especially since the cover gives away a very special aspect of the story. : )

The Setting:
This story was set on a ranch in the Midwest during late spring. Awesome descriptions of ranch life. Their little town figured much more into the story than in the first two books, and we get to see a couple other ranches as well this time. The illustrations—they are fabulous. : )

The Storyline:
The storyline was really great! I loved seeing how the Mavrichs’ story continued as they worked together as a Christian family. This story is a little more action packed than the first two, but it was exciting and clever plot! I would have never guessed how the rustlers were working. Lots of sweet home life stuff too which I like a lot. : ) Really awesome lessons about dealing with worry, loving people as Christ does, living as a Christian, and leaning on God’s strength were integrated into the book. The fact that it is spring in the story is really fun too since there are baby animals to enjoy hearing about. : )

The Characters:
The characters were awesome! Same awesome cast (love the Mavrichs!) and crew (love Scott, Hearter, and Mrs. O’Conner!), plus some new characters. (My only complaint—too many ranch hands to keep track of. Fortunately all of them aren’t main characters.) Mr. Mavrich and Mrs. Mavrich are so sweet, and Orlena is definitely improved! : ) Everyone is very realistic, and it is interesting to note how people’s motives can move them to act in different ways. (I hope Ky is cool in the next book.)

The Concerns:
Parents should have caution in considering this book for younger readers because of (SPOILER ALERT!) a western shootout. While very not-graphic, two characters do get hurt, and there are slight mentions of wounds and blood. (They are going to recover though!) The main thing I thought would not be good for younger readers is that Orlena has to walk by a saloon, and someone drunk is trying to be mean to her. (One of her brother’s very nice friends helps her out before anything happens, though.) There is also a mean little girl at the school that Orlena goes to that says some uncharitable things, but Orlena is learning to deal with that and reach out to her. Also, although the marriage relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Mavrich is very sweet and godly, some parents may not want younger readers to read this yet because there is a lot of married kissing throughout the book. : )

Once again, this awesome author provided me with an amazing book to read and enjoy!

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