Book Review: Home at Last

516mxfmq0il-_sx321_bo1204203200_“Orlena Mavrich little dreamed what winter on Triple Creek Ranch would be like. Her awakened conscience and inability to “be good” are not the only cause for tears. Will the long winter days ahead bring only trouble and quick tempers? Join Mr. and Mrs. Mavrich, Mrs. O’Connor and the ranch hands as they face winter’s storms within and without, relying on the Lord’s help to bring some wanderers home at last.” (from Amazon)

This is the second book in the Triple Creek Ranch series by Rebekah Morris, and it is just as wonderful (or even better) than the first! The cover is, once again, very beautiful and accurately portrays the tone of the book.

The Setting:
This story was set on a ranch in the Midwest during winter which added an extra danger and excitement to ranch life. It was great to be able to learn more about the setting of the series, and their little town featured more into the story this time. The illustrations are just fabulous and really bring to life the world of cowboys and prairies.

The Storyline:
The storyline was really great! I loved “watching” the continued journey of Orlena and those around her. The plot was very interesting (and even set up some more for the next book!!!), and I loved how it mirrors the struggle going on in the Orlena’s life at the time. Lessons in controlling a temper, loving difficult people, and leaning on Christ for help, as well as a clear Gospel presentation, were integrated into the book. And it was so awesome that Christmas got to be in the story!!!

The Characters:
The characters were delightful, (though there almost were too many ranch hands to keep track of). As always, I very much enjoyed Mr. and Mrs. Mavrich, and their relationship was a beautiful reminder of how wonderful marriage can be under Christ’s headship. Once again, Mrs. Mavrich was sooo sweet, and Mr. Mavrich was awesome in his own way! : ) Their friends, ranch hands, and housekeeper Mrs. O’Conner (as well as a few new people added) made up the rich group of side characters. Orlena has definitely improved since the last book, but she still has lots to learn. (I love the way that turns out!)

The Concerns:
Parents should have caution in considering this book for younger readers because of some things that Orlena says in her arguments with her older brother. Also, although the marriage relationship between two of the main characters is very sweet and godly, some parents may not want younger readers to read this yet because there is a lot of married kissing throughout the book. : ) Also, a small scene takes place with a drunkard in the town, and there are small mentions of drinking and gambling throughout the book (but the character comes around!).

I was very excited to read this book! It tells the continuing story of the transformation Christ can bring to our lives and added to that it is a really good story! I can’t wait to read the next book that just came out!

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