Book Review: Brothers and Betrayal

51hfydtojbl-_sx306_bo1204203200_“A boy, running for his life
A princess, trying to save her people
And an archer who seeks to defend the defenseless

Bryon, after witnessing his brother’s murder, takes his sisters and flees into the woods to a mysterious figure known as The Archer who lives there. But though he finds temporary safety, bitterness threatens his heart.

Brianna only wants to help the people of Taelis, but her father, the king, seems bent on making life hard for all of them. She works tirelessly to save the kingdom from war, while secretly helping The Archer.

Join the adventure in… Brothers and Betrayal” (from Amazon)

After enjoying the first book in the Tales of Taelis by Sarah Holman, I was super excited when I won an advance digital copy in a giveaway.

The Setting:
I’ve always loved the medieval time period, but especially tales of brave people surviving off the land and hiding in the dense forests. Very fascinating and awesome setting.

The Storyline:
The story was very interesting and exciting as it included all the things I love about the tale of Robin Hood but left out all the questionable ones. Disguises, tricks, daring escapes, etc. Oh marvelous! I also loved the subtle ties between this book and the first one. The spiritual lessons were amazing as the characters learned the Gospel and forgiveness.

The Characters:
I loved the Archer! He was confident enough to be an inspiring leader and caring enough to be a great friend to the men he led. Brianna and Bryon were great characters as well, and Nathaniel was cool.

The Concerns:
Parents may want to use caution in considering this book for younger readers because of some ungraphic stabbings (one by an evil stepmother), arrow shots, and mention of a peasant’s house being fired. Also, Brianna must work around her father (a foolish king) to save the kingdom; and Bryon and his sisters are in danger from their evil stepmother while Bryon also mistrusts his father.

Altogether, I found this to be a very nice book and (for anyone who loves Robin Hood minus the thievery!!!) a must read!

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