Book Review: Family Reunion

family“Every word, every moment matters …

Welcome to the Austin Family Reunion! 14-year-old Marielle Austin’s parents and grandparents are hosting family for a week in the Texas hill country, and Marielle’s five girl cousins are staying at her house. Emma and Caroline are her best friends – like her, they’re homeschooled and passionate about the Lord, the past, and books. Abby, Kailey, and Reanna are from Wisconsin and just as far away in background and interests – what’s hot in the world now is what matters to them.

Grandpa Will Austin has devised a series of projects for the six of them to complete. There’s a shed to fix up, a missionary to interview, and a trail of clues to solve, leading to a treasure. If they finish by the end of the week and work together with love and understanding, they’ll earn a prize beyond anything they could imagine! But difficulties surface right away. Bad attitudes and work ethics seem all Abby, Kailey, and Reanna can offer. Marielle, Emma, and Caroline are at a loss – what can they do to push the projects through? And more importantly, what can they do about their cousins, who won’t welcome their friendship? How can they show love when it’s hard even to feel it? Will the mysterious prize slip away, and with it any chance of relationship?” (from Amazon)
My older sister shared this book by Kelsey Bryant with me, and we both love it to pieces! : )

The Setting:
This book is written in a modern time period in rural Texas.

The Storyline:
The story was very interesting. Definitely not action packed, but instead an adventure that could happen to any of us! I was impressed with the lessons the author worked in of learning to love your neighbor, work together, and really, truly forgive.

The Characters:
Three of the cousins were from very conservative Christian families, while the other three were not at all. The author did a really good job portraying the differences this would bring about. The conservative cousins (more of the main characters) had to learn to love and work with tactless Kailey, bitter Abby, and shy Reanna. To tell the truth, my favorite character was Reanna. : ) Marielle and Emma were interesting as well while the others had more room to grow. : )

The Concerns:
A few references to The Lord of the Rings and Spiderman that some families may not agree with. Also, the less conservative cousins talk briefly about boyfriends.

This story has been the best girl book I’ve found so far! Very uplifting and interesting!

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